Trying on different hats

I’ve been trying to write about non-writer things, to have a blog that was interesting on its merits, not just as the personal ramblings of an aspiring writer.

This may be confusing, I don’t know. There are a lot of blogs out there of writers describing their efforts at publication and finishing their works in progress–I enjoy reading them because I’m a writer. I’d like this blog to be different–more diverse, less about me–but it can certainly get random.

Being a fiction writer is an introverted pursuit. I escape this world into another. But social media, marketing, and blogging, is aggressively extroverted. Like yoga, it is a practice. Never to be mastered. I’m fascinated with everyone–even introverted writers–that are so comfortable online. Do you assume a different persona when you’re here? on Facebook or Twitter? Are you conscious of this transformation when you travel from one world to the next?

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re wearing a hat as big as a minivan…