Quick Study now available for $0.99 on Amazon

The Kindle edition for Quick Study is available here, and the Barnes and Noble Nook edition is due to appear on their website any moment. I’ll post a link when it’s available.

I really loved writing Quick Study–it’s about a graduate student and a successful computer geek hooking up for the first time at  preschool in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not your usual pick-up scene, but after about a hundred pages of sex and mishap, they find true love in the end. (Kidding! No anal.)

This cover is new because the first design I’ve been posting here and elsewhere used a stock photo that was already taken by another Fabulous Author. This is a pitfall for designers in all fields, not just for publishing. The kissing happy people image was really great, and I was sad to have to ditch them, but this new image captures the high-sensuality level of the text (i.e., Smoking Hot). I’m not completely happy with this new cover…if you have any ideas how to improve it, let me know.

The story, though, is great fun. Check it out and let me know what you think. Only $0.99!