Love Handles has a new cover!

eBook coming this April to Amazon and Barnes&Noble

Of course, the old cover was only published on this blog, so I doubt it has entered the global human consciousness.

Is it too blue? Is it dreamy and fun and gorgeous? Will anyone post it on a Photoshop disaster site because you can see where I changed their hair color to match the story?

Mostly my concern is that it’s too blue. I wanted it to stand out from the Quick Study cover which was very pink. (Whenever I say “pink” with emphasis I remember the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie when he lets Lois know what color her underwear is. Pink.)

Do they look like cadavers? That’s really not the message I’m going for. Necro might be somebody’s niche but I’m not going there. This is Bev the preschool teacher and Liam the ex-Olympic swimming alpha fashion VP discovering they’re made for each other.

Yes, Love Handles is set in the fashion industry, yet my cover models are naked. Let us savor the irony. Limited stock photos, you know? Plus there are a few scenes where they remove their clothing. I’m not sure they ever smile like these stock photo beauties, but if I myself ever got Liam in my arms, I’d have a look a lot like that. Nom nom nom.


3 thoughts on “Love Handles has a new cover!

  1. Harper Alibeck says:

    You have a thing for preschool settings, don't you?

    And the cover is beautiful. I was going to ask who does your covers, but now that I know you have a career in illustration I don't have to guess. They're great!

  2. Gretchen Galway says:

    I'll call it the Preschool Series! Uh, maybe not. It's just the "write what you know" thing–I've never worked in a law office, but I have been in preschools and apparel companies and a big university. I like putting in the quirks of real places I've been.

    Thank you so much for the compliment on the covers. If anyone else has any feedback, please post. The basic design is set, but the colors can be tweaked.

    I'm tempted to do cartoon covers next, like chick lit. The big publishers don't do them anymore but they sell like hotcakes on Kindle and Nook. (HP Mallory, for instance.)

    Anyone love or hate cartoon covers for romance/women's fiction?

  3. Harper Alibeck says:

    I am a bit OCDish-ish, so I like series to have similar designs for covers. I think the cartoon look would work for a specific series, to offset your existing books (or are you thinking you'd redo all the covers?). My 5-book series will have similar design for each cover (I have a professional book cover designer working on it – proofs going up soon! I'm so geeked out!). I'm also working on a YA historical fantasy series that will need a completely different look, and I need an actual illustrator (vs. designer who doesn't do illustration, as I have now), for that 8-book series.

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