Developing a blurb for The Supermodel’s Best Friend

Within a month, my next book will be available to buy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other outlets.

I’m working on a blurb to attract readers. Such as, I hope, yourself. (*waving*)((*on knees*))

Here’s what I posted on Kindleboards today (along with other writers giving heads-up about their upcoming releases):

I’ve got a new romantic comedy coming out in a few weeks. The working title was The Supermodel’s Short Redheaded Best Friend and the Billionaire’s College Dropout Buddy, but I think I’m going with the more manageable The Supermodel’s Best Friend. It’s a love story between two interesting characters who might have been stuck in a supporting role in, say, Harlequin Presents. With me at the wheel, Lucy and Miles get all the fun, hot, lovin’ action. The billionaire and the supermodel are in the background. Their luxurious destination wedding at an eco-resort in Northern California provides the colorful, mahem-friendly backdrop. There is a zip line through the redwoods, lots of recreational nudity, and


third base under a wedding cake.


Obviously, I expect the Booker. But I’ll settle for thousands of downloads at $2.99.


Still working on the cover. Past life as graphic designer coming in handy, though I’m not sure if I want to go full-Chicklit or something new.

As soon as I have some working sample covers, I’ll post them here.

p.s. Spoiler involved a wedding cake and third base.