Yet Again More Cover Design – The Supermodel’s Best Friend, Cont.

After far too much gnashing of teeth and waving of Wacom stylus, I’ve taken another turn with my cover for The Supermodel’s Best Friend. I wouldn’t post all this publicly if it weren’t so useful for 1) seeing how it looks online (I’m struggling with jpeg distortion when thumbnails get made on ebook stores) and 2) seeing how I feel about it a few days after it’s been online.

Better now than when it’s published, right?

Part of my dilemma is the idea of photo vs. vector art for a contemporary romance. The book is very much like a romantic comedy you might see at the movies: a cast of interesting characters, witty banter, a man and a woman who are both funny and desirable but hopeless without each other.

Chick lit design – cartoony, bright colors – tells the reader it’s light-hearted and fun. So that’s good. But it also says silly, and is a little dated (the genre was declared dead in the U.S. several years ago). And Supermodel is really a romance – a relationship story – not a single woman’s story as Chick Lit usually is defined.

So I went with a more sophisticated middle ground. I’m putting this up to marinate. Ultimately, I’ll use whatever attracts the most readers.

What do you think of the covers for romance and chick lit and mainstream women’s fiction? Does a book pull you in with the cover because it promises a certain kind of story, yet you don’t actually like that kind of cover?

It’s a quandary. But for now I’m going with the apples.

Mmmmm. Apples.

2 thoughts on “Yet Again More Cover Design – The Supermodel’s Best Friend, Cont.

  1. Gretchen Galway says:

    Ah, shoot. Now I have to guess which one you mean 😛

    But thanks for the vote. It's probably good to have a person on the cover of a romance…

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