Now Available! The Supermodel’s Best Friend


Now available in ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Happily-ever-after isn’t only for the rich and beautiful…

When her long-term fiancé dumps her, 34-year-old Lucy Hathcoat is determined to replace him as efficiently as possible. Her best friend the supermodel is getting married to a billionaire—what better place than their week-long wedding in a luxury eco-resort to find a new man? Lucy isn’t picky; she just wants a decent guy who’s eager to start a family. Someone as logical, responsible, and practical as she is.

Definitely not the six-foot-five, fun-loving Miles Girard. Being totally hot and charming is not important. She doesn’t need a man who makes her laugh. A man who makes her jump in his lap and kiss him. A man who is pathologically wary of marriage and thinks she needs him more than she needs a husband.

Then again, Lucy’s starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, she can’t live without him…

The Supermodel’s Best Friend is $3.99 in ebook, and is the equivalent of 360 print pages, about the same length as a mass-market paperback. It’s DRM-free and loanable.

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