The Supermodel’s Best Friend – via Smashwords!

The romantic adventures of Lucy and Miles are now available on Smashwords.
Smashwords is an independent ebook distributor and retailer for self-published writers (and now, hybrid-published authors and their minions). All of Smashwords’s titles are DRM-free and come in multiple formats, like PDF, freeing up readers to actually, you know, read the books they buy. I love how you can click on a book and read the sample in HTML without downloading. You can also buy or sample in MOBI (for Kindle), ePUB (for many other ereaders), or even a Word document.

They also distribute my books to Apple’s iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel, though there is a significant delay before they’re available… a months-long delay.

I found Smashwords as a writer, but it has a lot to offer as a reader, as well.

And if you find the parade of new-release erotica on homepage distracting, you can turn on the adult filter and POOF, no more skin. Though you might also miss out on some R-rated gems. (Not to mention some NC-17/X gems. They make Gretchen Galway’s books look like Disney.)