Low Carb Friday – Almond Pancakes

I’m adding a new feature to my blog. Other writers blog far better than I about publishing and self-publishing and indie-publishing and indie-self-publishing, so… I thought I’d post some totally random stuff that might actually be useful to somebody who couldn’t care less about the writing business.

I’ve been influenced by Gary Taubes and other low-carb advocates over the past few years, and though I’ve always hated diet as a lifestyle and any pressure to reject your body as it tends to be naturally, I have come to the believe that eating fewer carbohydrates (simple and complex) is better for some of us than many experts insist. I also believe butter is good for you. This makes me a radical, but I hate to argue with people so, generally, I keep quiet.

However, I’ve developed or discovered a few great low-carb recipes over the years, and I decided to put them here where random searches might find them.

Today’s recipe:

 Almond Pancakes

These nutritional powerhouses are useful and yummy. My carb-loving seven-year-old daughter adores these, and she’s impossible.

1 cup almond meal (ground almonds) (Good source: Trader Joe’s)
2 eggs
1/4 cup water or milk of your choice (cow, almond, coconut, soy)
2 T oil (I use melted coconut oil or butter)
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla
1 T sweetener (I use Splenda or a stevia blend)

Whisk together and cook in small pancakes on a medium-hot oiled or nonstick griddle. I use butter, but be careful about burning. Serve with butter (see? there it is again). Syrup not necessary–these are sweet and tasty, almost like flat muffins.

If you can’t eat nuts, I’ll have a coconut flour recipe for next Friday. Maybe I’ll find something holiday-friendly, since it’s so hard to avoid sugar this time of year. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas if I’m not baking something.

Next Tuesday I’ll have my second new feature: Retail Rant, or, Shopping in Modern America. Or something like that. It will explore my obsessive bargain-hunting lifestyle, like where to find the best designer socks for $1.

Until then!