Kindle Fire – Parents, turn off yer One Click

Me on Christmas

Note: this post was written in January of 2012. Your Kindle and Amazon’s policies may have changed by now.

Since I’ve gotten a lot of hits about my last Kindle Fire post, I’m going to share some more information I learned the hard way.

I have kids. Kids who borrow my Kindle, my iPod, my laptop, everything. We all got hooked on Angry Birds this Christmas — so hooked, I had to buy a version for my iPod Touch and the new Kindle Fire to prevent sibling homicide in the car.

Imagine my surprise to find Angry Birds Seasons had also been loaded.

“I wanted it,” my little girl said.

“You can’t have it,” I said. (This was Christmas, too. I’m such a b-word.)

I was annoyed. I complained verbally to my husband, then felt guilty since he’d bought me the Fire for Christmas and I’m often whiny and ungrateful. That night I sent one email to Amazon and they refunded my money. However, I didn’t want to repeat this experience every few days. Some of us have children that are 1) smarter, and/or 2) naughtier than they should be.

So, if you’re like me, you’ll want to turn off what Amazon calls your “Mobile 1-Click.” You can do this from your PC or your Fire.

Accessing 1-Click Settings from a PC/web browser:

1) go to Amazon homepage

2) click on Your Account in upper right hand corner

3) scroll down to Settings/ Manage 1-Click

4) over to the right, you should see two little windows. 1-click for website purchases, and below it “Mobile 1-Click.” Turn that off.

5) If you don’t see a Mobile option, then it is already disabled. You can turn it on and off from the device itself; see below.

Accessing 1-Click Settings from the Kindle Fire:

1. Turn on your Kindle Fire. (This may entail finding your power cord (which, by the way, is way too freaking short) since your kids may have drained the battery playing Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja behind the couch.)

2. Click on Amazon icon below your Carousel.

3. Click on the little icon at the bottom of the screen between the arrow and the magnifying glass. It looks like a piece of paper with lines on it. Sorry I don’t know how to do Fire screencaptures.

4. Click on Your Account (little bust person)

5. Sign in to your account.

6. Click on “1-Click Settings” in upper right hand corner

7. You found it!!!! Mobile 1-Click can be turned off here. It is also the only place I know of where it can be turned ON. Which suggests you might want to keep an eye on that sucker and change the password frequently.

If you aren’t finding the Mobile settings, make sure you’ve updated the Kindle Fire software since early December. They pushed out a fix (it is a drug so they use the same lingo) but you’ll have to make sure you’re running it. Make sure WiFi is up and Sync.

Hope this helps! Time to get my kids off the computer. If it’s not one screen, it’s another. Screen or scream… you know how it is.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “Kindle Fire – Parents, turn off yer One Click

  1. miminnehaha says:

    If I could only buy one of these for my 11-year-old (he saved the cash himself) would you recommend the kindle fire or the ipod touch?

  2. Gretchen Galway says:

    Wow, tough question. If he likes to read (or you'd like him to) and net surf, the Fire is better. Also, it's more fun playing Angry Birds on the Fire, since the screen is bigger.

    But if you have an iTunes library with lots of music, and love the iPhone/app store games, then the Touch would be better. I have an iPod Touch and I love it to pieces. It's just really slick. But I never read on it – I use my old regular Kindle for that.

    I'll ask my own 11-yr-old what he thinks tonight and post it here. Because he loses things, I got him a $50 Sansa Fuze, lol. Good job to your guy for saving up so much on his own.

  3. Gretchen Galway says:

    OK, I'm a little late with this update, but I just asked him about it. It was a tough decision, but he said he'd go for the iPod Touch because "it's more portable and has fewer bugs."

    As a mom, though, that portability can be a problem. It gets lost. But it has given me no technical problems in over two years of frequent use, and that's worth a lot.

    Best of luck with your decision and thanks for visiting my blog.

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