Struggling for a tagline for THE GEEK WHO LOVED ME

I’m working on the blurb for TGWLM while the manuscript is out with one last editor combing for typos. I can’t put it off any longer. It must be done. I don’t expect anyone to buy it without knowing the basic story. So the challenge becomes: what the hell is my story about?

The blurb is what you see on the back cover of the book — or what you see when you flip through the pages on Amazon or BN or iTunes. It can be very short, like a movie hook (“He’s having the day of his life…over and over again.” –Groundhog Day) or several paragraphs long. I’m aiming for something in the middle.

I’m not talented at writing blurbs. In fact, I’d rather write another book. Or as I said on Twitter, clean a public restroom. There’s just something so painful about reducing 97,000 words into 100, 500, or even 1,000.

So I’ll be floundering about here to try to come up with something good because it helps to do it online. The weaknesses are more obvious, and everyone can chime in.

On my cover, the tagline is:  Some day your nerd will come. That makes me smile. I’m keeping that.

For the figurative back cover, however, I need more. A romance novel blurb usually has a paragraph devoted to each of the two main characters. So it would be outlined like this:

Paragraph One:

Heroine So-n-So is (blah blah) and (blah blah) when (blah blah blah happens.) When she (blahs) and (blahs), she has to (blah.) But (blah blah blah.)

Hero So-n-so is (blah blah blah), but heroine (blah blah) and he (blah blah.) Will he be able to (blah) or will (blah blah blah)?

Only (blah) will (blah.)

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

Blah. I’ll post my efforts as soon as I squeeze out one that isn’t to embarrassing.