Just because you can change your ebook cover easily, doesn’t mean you should…

But I’m doing it anyway!

Kris Rusch had an excellent blog post a few days ago about leaving your published work as it is–not going back and obsessively revising based on feedback or fear or anything else.

Really, it’s an excellent point. But: The Geek Who Loved Me is coming out in a few days (really, it really is) and, since it’s the sequel to Love Handles, I wanted the two covers to match. That meant moving away from the cartoon, chick-litty feel and coming back to the traditional photo-clinch look for all my books. I love the cartoon covers, but I’m not seeing the action (i.e., billions of sales) so I’m experimenting.

The story inside is the same. Can’t obsess over that; need to work on my next book. I think Kris knows what she’s talking about.