Going to RT Booklovers Convention!

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RT Booklovers Convention (really, this is what they do there)

Well, I’ve done it. The temptation of attending the RT Booklovers Convention (I keep wanting to put an apostrophe in that) was too great to resist. It’s in Kansas City, Missouri, from May 1-5, 2013.

I’ll be at the E-Book, Indie Published and Graphic Novel EXPO, where:

On Thursday May 2nd from 4 – 6 pm you can meet more than 225 e-book authors and dozens of graphic novel authors. Get autographs, chat with some of your favorite writers* and graphic novel illustrators and more.


There’s also great tie-in with AllRomance eBooks, too, (where I have all of my titles available). I just got this email from them:

RT E-Book Expo Goes Global for Authors, Publishers & Fans!

This year RT & All Romance/OmniLit will make it possible for publishers and authors to make ALL of their e-books available to ALL of their fans — those attending the Expo in person and those attending virtually. This gives you the added opportunity to promote your entire backlist with no limits to the number of titles or copies you can sell. Titles listed with AllRomance.com on the day of the Expo will automatically be available for purchase.

I’m not sure how that’ll work exactly, but I’ll be sure to post details here as I learn more.

I’ve never been to RT. The parties are legendary. There are costumes. And shirtless male cover models.

But more importantly: books and writers and readers. I hope to meet you there!