Love Handles: Now available in Audio!

lovehandles_audibleYou’ll love this audiobook production of Love Handles. The narrator, Tanya Eby, did a fantastic job. You can get a copy at,, and iTunes. Although the list price is $24.95 (for 10 hours and 20 minutes of listening time), you can get a discounted copy–or even free, if you’re new to Audible. Here’s how:

1) Free trial membership at If you’ve never signed up at Audible before, you can get the audiobook of your choice (such as Love Handles, for instance), free, with a 30-day trial. After that, plans start at $14.95 per month,  (that gets you at least one book per month.) But if you don’t want to continue, just call and stop the trial before you get billed. You can keep the free audiobook (such as Love Handles, for instance) and never pay a dime. More details on Audible membership plans here.

2) Membership credit at Audible; see above. Their plans can give you a discount on books that aren’t included in your 1/month.

3) Discount price on Amazon. Currently, it’s listed at $21.83. Now only $1.99 if you buy (or have already bought) the eBook!

4) Discount price at iTunes. The audiobook section isn’t as easy to find as, say, Beyonce’s latest, but here’s a link to a preview for all my products on Apple. The list price there is currently $21.95.

Audiobooks are terrific for commutes, dog-walking, and other times when you need your eyes but not your brain. Well, not all of it.

Happy listening!