Free Short Story for Joining My Mailing List

GiftNEW NEWS: you’ll now get a gift for signing up for my mailing list! I sent out this short story to my existing subscribers the other day. I haven’t heard any complaints about it being terrible, so if you’d like to read it for yourself, and you haven’t signed up for my mailing list (it’s free! I don’t even like Spam when my dad cooks it on fishing trips!) DO IT NOW. You’ll get an exclusive work of flash fiction by yours truly. You can’t buy this story. Not available in stores. Limited Time Offer. Cuts through aluminum cans like butter.

OK, I got carried away. It’s not a limited time offer; it’s pretty much there as long as people want it. It doesn’t cut anything, not even butter. And it’s only 5 pages long. BUT IT’S FREE.

You can sign up here on this page (see “New Release Mailing List” off to the right). All it requires is an email address and soon you’ll receive a welcome email with a downloadable link in PDF. It’s my way of saying thanks for your interest.