FREE Love Handles (just what you need in January :D)


FREE alert! The ebook of Love Handles, Book 1 in my bestselling Oakland Hills series, is now FREE at all the major retailers. Read the story of Bev and Liam that started it all. This was the first novel I published and it sets the stage for two more full-length novels and three short stories (so far — and the third story is coming very soon). I was initially inspired by my ill-fated career in the fashion industry. Unlike me, Bev triumphs in her clogs and yoga pants!

Non-US Kindle readers: sorry but the reduced price hasn’t trickled over to the non-US Kindle stores yet. I don’t have the power to make that happen, but you can ask Amazon to price-match it to Apple. On the product page, below Product Description, there is a link for “tell us about a lower price.”

But it is free now internationally on Kobo, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble, and Google Play — the best I could do. Here are the links:

Amazon (USA)

iBOOKS (Apple)



GOOGLE PLAY (new listing!)

Happy 2015 and thank you for reading!