Can’t Stop Wanting You – (Oakland Hills Short Story 1)

Best friends as children, Jody and Simon finally have a chance at lasting love. If only they didn’t hate each other.

Jody Lapinski is a plus-sized chemist with a problem. The despicable Simon Brogan has moved into the upstairs unit of the San Francisco Bay Area house she shares with her grandmother. Although he’d been a nice friend when they were kids, high school had unmasked him for what he really was—an arrogant, heartless jerk. She wasn’t going to forgive him now just because he was gorgeous and successful. Not after what he’d done.

Simon never would’ve signed the lease if he’d known Jody was living downstairs. That he’d have to see the hate in her eyes, still strong after almost a decade. That he’d have to see her sweet, curvy body so often. That he’d be forced to remember how much he’d cared about her…

Timeline note: story takes place between This Time Next Door and Not Quite Perfect.

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