Amazon Prime Day 2019 Print Book Deal

Today is Amazon’s Prime Day again, and Prime members can use a promo code at checkout to get $5 off over  $15 in book purchases. If you’ve been wanting to have a copy of one of my books in print but was turned off by the cost, here’s a chance to get a discount. (You can add more than one book to your order to cross the $15 line.) (Exclusively for Prime members).

Use promo code at checkout: PRIMEBOOK19 

Easy links to my big, beautiful trade paperbacks:


DEAD WITCH ON A BRIDGE (Sonoma Witches Book 1)

HEX AT A HOUSE PARTY (Sonoma Witches Book 2)



LOVE HANDLES (Oakland Hills Book 1)

THIS TIME NEXT DOOR (Oakland Hills Book 2)

NOT QUITE PERFECT (Oakland Hills Book 3)


GOING FOR BROKE (Oakland Hills Book 5)

GOING WILD (Oakland Hills Book 6)




DIVING IN (Resort to Love Book 2)

Through July 16, 2019. Stock up now!

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING (Oakland Hills #4) Now Out in Paperback!

tce prooftceproofbkThere’s more than one way to ruin a beautiful friendship.

Tech entrepreneur Sly has a portfolio of lucrative San Francisco Bay Area start-ups, but while his financial options are unlimited, his romantic options are anything but. Bored with the same old, same old, he finds himself spending more and more time with Cleo, his former piano teacher and current pizza-eating, binge-TV-watching partner.

Already divorced at only twenty-nine, Cleo’s not looking for love. Certainly not with a gorgeous workaholic who usually dates high-powered, MBA-toting supermodels. Although, come to think of it, Sly hasn’t dated anyone in a long time. And Cleo isn’t the only one to notice he seems lonely…

An unexpected weekend trip to Las Vegas forces Cleo to confront her past while Sly slams into his own demons and realizes he’s his own worst enemy. What happens when they cross the line? And then move it, jump over it, trample it, zigzag across it, and forget where the line was in the first place?

Right now you can get the paperback on Amazon, and within a few weeks it’ll show up on the Barnes & Noble website and other bookstore catalogs for ordering.


And, of course, the ebook is available now at all the major retailers:



Amazon UK


Google Play

Barnes & Noble




Amazon Matchbook Now Live: Cheap or free digital copies of (some of) your physical books

Amazon Matchbook has gone live. If you’ve ever bought a paper/real/3D book from Amazon (odds are you have), you may be able to get a cheap or free Kindle version of it. (Based on the publisher’s wishes.) All of my books are in the program, which means if you were one of the few (ahem) to buy a paperback version, you can now get the ebook version for FREE as a thank you. More about it here.

My new release DIVING IN will also be in the program, so if you buy the paperback from Amazon, you’ll get the Kindle version included for free!

Follow the link on Amazon above and it will show you, of all your old purchases, which ones have a discounted ebook available. Of my old book purchases, I only see a few, mostly Georgette Heyer and Loretta Chase. If you’ve never read historical romance, ohohohohoh, read this one: Lord of Scoundrels.

If you’re like me, you’ll find that some of the books are ancient. Like this one: Sleeping Through the Night, Revised Edition: How Infants, Toddlers, and Their Parents Can Get a Good Night’s Sleep. My little one sleeps great now, and she’s in grade school, so… I don’t think I need the ebook, lol.

I wish more ebooks were available (free is my favorite price, right?), but more publishers might opt in
over time. Happy reading!



(Edited to fix the missing links.)