Love Handles Has a New Cover


If you’ve just read Mark and Rose’s story in This Time Next Door, you’ve got to read the book that started it all: Love Handles. I had subtitled it When Spanx Aren’t Enough but, fearing lawsuits and disappointing BDSM fans (since there is no actual spanking in the book, not even a pat), I shortened it to Love Handles.

Bev is a preschool teacher with a couch potato sensibility who inherits a fitnesswear company. Her arrogant VP is a former Olympic swimmer (Mark’s big brother, Liam.). Sparks fly, clothes come off, love blossoms. Now it has the same look as This Time Next Door, so you know you’re getting the same world, family, and humor. (And buildings!)

The next book in the series will be April’s story. That will be out in 2014, after the sequel to The Supermodel’s Best Friend, which comes out later this year. I post more frequent updates on Facebook, so find me over there if you want to live the painful process right along with me. 😛

New cover for Love Handles

lh may 2013What do you think?

I’ve been spending too much of my writing time working on this cover, but now Love Handles really looks like it’s part of the same world as This Time Next Door.

Posting it online helps me see any errors or details that need tweaking before I upload it to Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, etc.

I love this book. I worked in the garment industry in San Francisco for a decade. Although the book is completely fictional, of course, I had a lot of fun using a clothing company as a setting for a romance. In real life, single straight men in the garment industry are as rare as high pay and Birkenstocks. If only it were populated with guys like Liam. He’s proof right there that this is a complete work of fiction.

Title Change: from Geek to This Time Next Door

thistimenextdoor_coverJust a quick note to let my readers know this book is just a revamping of The Geek Who Loved Me from last summer. I think the title was turning people off, so I’m trying to give it new life. If I’ve confused you–or given you false hopes!–I apologize.

I hope to have a real new book up by the end of the summer–a companion book to The Supermodel’s Best Friend. I’ll be sure to post its progress here.