THIS TIME NEXT DOOR now available in paperback :-D


Available now on Amazon and Createspace, soon on all channels. Doesn’t that artwork look fantastic wrapping around the spine? I tried to download the rotating 3D image they’ve been rolling out on the Amazon page lately, but couldn’t find it. Imagine this folded up as a book. It’s beautiful. 5.25″ x 8″ Trade Paperback, 392 pages, discounted today to $14.24!

Also available on Amazon.UK for £9.99.

Just because you can change your ebook cover easily, doesn’t mean you should…

But I’m doing it anyway!

Kris Rusch had an excellent blog post a few days ago about leaving your published work as it is–not going back and obsessively revising based on feedback or fear or anything else.

Really, it’s an excellent point. But: The Geek Who Loved Me is coming out in a few days (really, it really is) and, since it’s the sequel to Love Handles, I wanted the two covers to match. That meant moving away from the cartoon, chick-litty feel and coming back to the traditional photo-clinch look for all my books. I love the cartoon covers, but I’m not seeing the action (i.e., billions of sales) so I’m experimenting.

The story inside is the same. Can’t obsess over that; need to work on my next book. I think Kris knows what she’s talking about.

Cover previews for THE GEEK WHO LOVED ME


These are drafts, tests, mock-ups, preview covers for the new book, The Geek Who Loved Me, coming in late June. As soon as I’ve decided on the best image (with your help), I’ll buy the photo and finish tweaking the colors and backgrounds. (And remove the watermark, obviously.)

It has been a significant challenge finding a plus-sized model for lovely Rose, the heroine. Plenty for Mark, our socially-reclusive-yet-charmingly-hot hero. This is a fun, sexy contemporary romance between a shy computer guy and his big, beautiful, blond neighbor. For more sense of the book’s tone, the working title was Fat Girl Gets the Guy.

PLEASE vote in the comments, here or on Facebook. I’m desperate for feedback. My husband shrugs and says he’s not the target demographic. Thanks so much.


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