How to get THIS TIME NEXT DOOR (Oakland Hills #2) Free in Audiobook

This Time Next Door (Oakland Hills 2) Audiobook


Have you taken advantage yet of the free trial offer on Audible? Download either Love Handles or This Time Next Door for free when you sign up for the Audible 30-day free trial. You can cancel before the 30 days are up without any hassles. If you haven’t tried audio yet, this is a great way to sample it.

I like to listen to audiobooks when I’m walking my dog. I find that both of us get a lot more exercise than before, because now I walk further to hear more of the story. If you find you never have enough time to read (or read as much as you’d like) audiobooks are a great alternative.

The audiobooks for Not Quite Perfect (Oakland Hills #3) and This Changes Everything (Oakland Hills #4) are in production right now (also with the fantastic narrator Tanya Eby), so you’ll be able to listen to the entire series as soon as they’re live. Not Quite Perfect is already in final stages, and might be up before the end of this month (October 2015). This Changes Everything should be up a month or so later.

If you don’t want to sign up for anything, even if its free, you can get either audiobook for only $1.99 from Amazon if you already have the ebooks. Quite a steal either way. Listen to a clip right here!

FREE Love Handles (just what you need in January :D)


FREE alert! The ebook of Love Handles, Book 1 in my bestselling Oakland Hills series, is now FREE at all the major retailers. Read the story of Bev and Liam that started it all. This was the first novel I published and it sets the stage for two more full-length novels and three short stories (so far — and the third story is coming very soon). I was initially inspired by my ill-fated career in the fashion industry. Unlike me, Bev triumphs in her clogs and yoga pants!

Non-US Kindle readers: sorry but the reduced price hasn’t trickled over to the non-US Kindle stores yet. I don’t have the power to make that happen, but you can ask Amazon to price-match it to Apple. On the product page, below Product Description, there is a link for “tell us about a lower price.”

But it is free now internationally on Kobo, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble, and Google Play — the best I could do. Here are the links:

Amazon (USA)

iBOOKS (Apple)



GOOGLE PLAY (new listing!)

Happy 2015 and thank you for reading!

99¢ Sale! LOVE HANDLES (Oakland Hills #1)

LoveHandles_3DcoverBig price drop! Love Handles is the first book in my bestselling Oakland Hills series, and is usually $3.99. Now you can get the ebook for only 99¢ (or international equivalent) at all the major online bookstores:

Amazon US   Amazon UK   Amazon DE


Barnes & Noble



The world of fitness apparel isn’t ready for Beverly Lewis. She hates the gym, is nice to everybody, and shops at Ross Dress for Less. When she’s not teaching preschool, she’s wearing yoga pants . . . to nap in. So when she inherits her estranged grandfather’s fitnesswear company in San Francisco, nobody expects her to keep it. Fite Fitness needs a heartless suit to save it from bankruptcy, not a thirty-year-old woman who cries when her students leave for kindergarten.

Someone like Liam Johnson. A former Olympic swimmer, Liam is Fite’s executive vice president. Unlike Bev, he’s devoted his life to Fite’s success. Managing one little preschool teacher–and his attraction to her–shouldn’t be an issue. Right?

But Bev’s tired of being underpaid and underrated, and refuses to step aside as an obedient figurehead. To everyone’s shock and horror, she moves up to San Francisco, sets up an office, and dives into the business. Nothing–not mockery, not exercise, not sabotage, not a disastrously hot night with her aggravating VP–is going to scare her away.

As Liam realizes she’s tougher than she looks, he discovers that losing Fite might not be nearly as bad as losing her . . .

A story about the pursuit of love, happiness, and the perfect yoga pants, Love Handles will speak to anyone who’s ever had to face what scares her most.

Click here to read an excerpt.

Get it now! The sale price is only for a limited time. Happy reading!