I take it back. My name is Bob.

Her Awesomeness Jennifer (Not “Dick”) Weiner

You have to read this article on HuffPo about popular fiction, and how the NYTimes and review establishment completely ignore romance, chick lit, and all commercial fiction aimed primarily at women. It’s not just an amusing vent about how popular fiction is dissed, but how the girl stuff is completely ignored–as though women like you weren’t bank-rolling the entire publishing industry with your ravenous reading habits.

Did you know it’s women who buy most of the books? (And, except for Mother’s Day, all the greeting cards, btw.)

They don’t ignore men’s popular fiction, or male-authored fiction about families and relationships. Those are witty and modern and casual. (You know, like penises.)

Here’s a quote from Jennifer Weiner:

Finally, I’d love it if the Times actually “celebrated” my genre, but at this point I’d happily settle for the paper merely acknowledging it. As it stands, thrillers and mysteries and speculative fiction can get daily reviews, or considered in the NYTBR round-ups. Chick lit gets ignored, unless it gores one of the paper’s sacred cows (note to self: don’t mess with Anna Wintour!). Romance gets ignored completely…and that, I think, is the most damning argument about gender bias at the Times. How can anyone claim the paper plays fair when genre fiction that men read gets reviewed but genre fiction that women read doesn’t exist on the paper’s review pages? It would be as if the paper’s film critics only reviewed tiny independent fare and refused to see so much as a single frame of a romantic comedy, or if the music critics listened to Grizzly Bear and refused to acknowledge the existence of Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. How seriously would a reader take a critic like that?

Read it all. She’s gutsy and hilarious.