THIS TIME NEXT DOOR — Recommended by Audiogals!


The audiobook for This Time Next Door was just reviewed on Audiogals!

I’d definitely try another Gretchen Galway story and my appreciation of Tanya Eby’s narration is well known I think. I count this as a win.

My sincere thanks to Kaetrin at Audiogals for taking the time to listen and leave such a thoughtful review. You can find your own copy to listen on, iTunes, and Amazon. (On Amazon, if you’ve already bought the eBook, you can get the Whispersynced audiobook edition for only $1.99 — an incredible deal.)

9 Days for 99 cents – THIS TIME NEXT DOOR

thistimenextdoor_coverMy most widely read and reviewed book, THIS TIME NEXT DOOR, is now on sale for just $0.99 (or close international equivalent.) My latest review (from Zoe on Amazon UK) said: “I enjoyed every page of this book right up until the end! Got wrapped up in everything going on and all the emotions within it! I would defiantly Recommend this book, brilliant read!”

Try it out if you haven’t already! Sale price is available at:

Amazon (including USA and UK)

Apple iTunes (including USA and UK)


Barnes & Noble

All Romance eBooks

Happy reading!



Is it creepy to love a person I’ve never met?

Lots of people assume that book reviews on Amazon are fake. Astroturfed, sock-puppeted, bought, friends-and-familied. One reason I have so few reviews is because I’ve waited for strangers to provide them.

So excuse me for going all loud and crazy when I read a review a few days ago for The Supermodel’s Best Friend. Among other great things, my new favorite person says this:

This story was fantastic, and literally had me laughing out loud in parts.

I know, I know, authors aren’t supposed to respond to reviews. But… sheesh, that one really made my day. Perhaps it makes me weak, but feedback like that is what has me opening up my latest work in progress and writing away as fast and well as I can. With a smile on my face.

Thanks. In spite of my love, unknown reviewer, I’ll keep a respectable distance. I promise.