The blog that rose from the dead…

thistimenextdoor_coverThank you for coming by my website! I’ve neglected this blog and, if you look at the post dates, that’s sadly obvious. My blog is like a friend you haven’t seen in a while and then you feel so guilty you don’t call, and next thing you know they’ve been married and divorced and you’ve got a birthday card in a drawer you meant to send them but it’s for their twenty-sixth birthday and they’ve got kids in college and now it’s REALLY too late to send it…

So, that’s what goes through my head when I think about posting on my blog. Yeah, I’m neurotic. Who knew?

Inadequate apologies out of the way, let me invite you to where I am much better at hanging out: my Facebook page. I was a slow adopter of Facebook, but now I’ve found that’s where lots of readers and writers hang out and like to interact, so now I am too. Come by. I post there often and comment upon comments upon replies.

If Facebook’s not your thing, I’m also on Twitter. I’d love to chat with readers instead of wasting my time reading political and publishing gossip, which is what I’m often doing over there. Say hi. Ask me to follow you. I like to be plugged in to other people’s lives (saves me the trouble of having one of my own.)

And now that I’ve broken the ice and mailed the twenty-year-old birthday card to my blog, hopefully I won’t be so shy about posting here more often. I’m working on a novel right now that will be out later this year. I can’t promise a date just yet, but I aim to hit publish late August or early September. I put updates on my Facebook page, so you can read about the daily progress, such as it is, over there. The next book is a follow-up to The Supermodel’s Best Friend, though the two main characters are entirely new.

The recent success of This Time Next Door has been enormously gratifying. Just yesterday it was #15 Free out of all the books in the US Kindle store, and #3 in the UK. People seem to love what I love about these characters, and I wish I could write faster. In the meantime, read the companion book to This Time, called Love Handles. Mark is adorably dorky. You’ll understand why I had to give him his own book.

Thanks again for dropping by and see you soon!

Title Change: from Geek to This Time Next Door

thistimenextdoor_coverJust a quick note to let my readers know this book is just a revamping of The Geek Who Loved Me from last summer. I think the title was turning people off, so I’m trying to give it new life. If I’ve confused you–or given you false hopes!–I apologize.

I hope to have a real new book up by the end of the summer–a companion book to The Supermodel’s Best Friend. I’ll be sure to post its progress here.

My writer brain’s been in Maui. Only the brain, though, alas.


My best-selling title in 2013 so far has been The Supermodel’s Best Friend, and some have asked (thank you for that, by the way) about a sequel.

Good news! I’m working on it now. Unfortunately, Miles is happily hitched with Lucy, so I couldn’t give him another book (I know, I know) but I have made him the inspiration for this one. (My working title is The Start-Up, but this will change after I write and delete and rewrite and cry and rewrite then publish. And maybe again after that. For instance, I think The Geek Who Loved Me needs a name change… BUT I DIGRESS.)

Our new heroine, Nicki, is crushed to learn that Miles Girard, our hero from Supermodel, is getting married and will never, ever get together with her. Ever. So off to Maui she goes for the summer (she’s a junior high teacher) to live it up as a fearless, happy, independent woman who isn’t afraid to live–or fly over large bodies of open water, drive a rental car, eat in a restaurant by herself, have sex without carving her heart out with an X-ACTO blade, expose her semi-naked body in public, or learn to swim.

Maybe you noticed the sex part of her premature bucket list. That’s not really the theme, though; she’s got a lot of hang-ups to tackle first. Which might make her too annoying for some readers, but that’s just how she is. I may be the writer but there’s only so much I can do to control these people.

Luckily for those of us who really like male characters (and the rest of them) it’s not all about her. I’ve got just the man cooked up for Nicki…I love this guy, I really do. After Miles in Supermodel, I wasn’t sure if I could ever love another man. But Ansel (named by his parents after Ansel Adams) is just the fun-loving, failed venture capitalist (The Start-Up, get it?) to get me typing faster. While my fingers go tippy-tap, so does Nicki’s heart.

Barf, I know, but I mean it. I really do.

Tippy tap tippy tap… sigh. I’ll post my progress. Slow but steady. Thanks for your patience.