How to get THIS TIME NEXT DOOR (Oakland Hills #2) Free in Audiobook

This Time Next Door (Oakland Hills 2) Audiobook


Have you taken advantage yet of the free trial offer on Audible? Download either Love Handles or This Time Next Door for free when you sign up for the Audible 30-day free trial. You can cancel before the 30 days are up without any hassles. If you haven’t tried audio yet, this is a great way to sample it.

I like to listen to audiobooks when I’m walking my dog. I find that both of us get a lot more exercise than before, because now I walk further to hear more of the story. If you find you never have enough time to read (or read as much as you’d like) audiobooks are a great alternative.

The audiobooks for Not Quite Perfect (Oakland Hills #3) and This Changes Everything (Oakland Hills #4) are in production right now (also with the fantastic narrator Tanya Eby), so you’ll be able to listen to the entire series as soon as they’re live. Not Quite Perfect is already in final stages, and might be up before the end of this month (October 2015). This Changes Everything should be up a month or so later.

If you don’t want to sign up for anything, even if its free, you can get either audiobook for only $1.99 from Amazon if you already have the ebooks. Quite a steal either way. Listen to a clip right here!

99¢ Sale – This Time Next Door (Four Days Only)


Sale alert! Through the weekend (Nov. 23, 2014), the ebook edition of my #1 romantic comedy bestseller, This Time Next Door, is only 99¢. On Monday it will go back up to its usual price, $3.99.

This Time Next Door is also available in audiobook, narrated by the great Tanya Eby. Although the audio edition isn’t on sale, you can always:

1) Listen for FREE if you sign up for the free trial 30-day subscription on It’s really easy to cancel your membership if you don’t want to continue.

2) Download the audiobook for only $1.99 on if you buy the ebook. That means that, through the weekend, you can get both the ebook (almost 400 print pages) and the audiobook (over TEN HOURS) for under $3. If you read and listen on a Kindle or Kindle app, you can switch between the two as you imbibe the story (read, listen, read, listen) and it syncs automatically. Pretty amazing.

Happy reading!

Oh, by the way, here’s the back cover blurb:

#1 Romantic Comedy Bestseller on

Readers first met Mark Johnson in Love Handles as Liam’s brilliant but awkward younger brother. In This Time Next Door, Mark the software engineer decides to break away from his computer and get a life, starting with the petite woman who’s moved in next door. But when he meets her large, blond housemate, Rose, he starts to dream… bigger.

Twenty-six-year-old Rose Devlin may shop in the plus-size department, but she’s never had a problem attracting men—with disastrous consequences. Recovering from her latest mistake, Rose has sworn off casual flings and moved to California to grow up, help her best friend, and make something of herself.

When Rose asks the cute-but-geeky Mark to help her land a job in high tech, she never expects to unearth his quiet strength, stunning accomplishments—and hidden talents. With a secret in her own past, Rose tries to keep her distance, but she finds that nerdy Mark isn’t so nerdy when the lights go out. And that maybe, just maybe, she’s not too grown up to risk one more disaster…

Get it now while it’s only 99¢! Price goes back up to $3.99 on Monday, Nov. 23.


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THIS TIME NEXT DOOR — Recommended by Audiogals!


The audiobook for This Time Next Door was just reviewed on Audiogals!

I’d definitely try another Gretchen Galway story and my appreciation of Tanya Eby’s narration is well known I think. I count this as a win.

My sincere thanks to Kaetrin at Audiogals for taking the time to listen and leave such a thoughtful review. You can find your own copy to listen on, iTunes, and Amazon. (On Amazon, if you’ve already bought the eBook, you can get the Whispersynced audiobook edition for only $1.99 — an incredible deal.)