The blog that rose from the dead…

thistimenextdoor_coverThank you for coming by my website! I’ve neglected this blog and, if you look at the post dates, that’s sadly obvious. My blog is like a friend you haven’t seen in a while and then you feel so guilty you don’t call, and next thing you know they’ve been married and divorced and you’ve got a birthday card in a drawer you meant to send them but it’s for their twenty-sixth birthday and they’ve got kids in college and now it’s REALLY too late to send it…

So, that’s what goes through my head when I think about posting on my blog. Yeah, I’m neurotic. Who knew?

Inadequate apologies out of the way, let me invite you to where I am much better at hanging out: my Facebook page. I was a slow adopter of Facebook, but now I’ve found that’s where lots of readers and writers hang out and like to interact, so now I am too. Come by. I post there often and comment upon comments upon replies.

If Facebook’s not your thing, I’m also on Twitter. I’d love to chat with readers instead of wasting my time reading political and publishing gossip, which is what I’m often doing over there. Say hi. Ask me to follow you. I like to be plugged in to other people’s lives (saves me the trouble of having one of my own.)

And now that I’ve broken the ice and mailed the twenty-year-old birthday card to my blog, hopefully I won’t be so shy about posting here more often. I’m working on a novel right now that will be out later this year. I can’t promise a date just yet, but I aim to hit publish late August or early September. I put updates on my Facebook page, so you can read about the daily progress, such as it is, over there. The next book is a follow-up to The Supermodel’s Best Friend, though the two main characters are entirely new.

The recent success of This Time Next Door has been enormously gratifying. Just yesterday it was #15 Free out of all the books in the US Kindle store, and #3 in the UK. People seem to love what I love about these characters, and I wish I could write faster. In the meantime, read the companion book to This Time, called Love Handles. Mark is adorably dorky. You’ll understand why I had to give him his own book.

Thanks again for dropping by and see you soon!

Struggling for a tagline for THE GEEK WHO LOVED ME

I’m working on the blurb for TGWLM while the manuscript is out with one last editor combing for typos. I can’t put it off any longer. It must be done. I don’t expect anyone to buy it without knowing the basic story. So the challenge becomes: what the hell is my story about?

The blurb is what you see on the back cover of the book — or what you see when you flip through the pages on Amazon or BN or iTunes. It can be very short, like a movie hook (“He’s having the day of his life…over and over again.” –Groundhog Day) or several paragraphs long. I’m aiming for something in the middle.

I’m not talented at writing blurbs. In fact, I’d rather write another book. Or as I said on Twitter, clean a public restroom. There’s just something so painful about reducing 97,000 words into 100, 500, or even 1,000.

So I’ll be floundering about here to try to come up with something good because it helps to do it online. The weaknesses are more obvious, and everyone can chime in.

On my cover, the tagline is:  Some day your nerd will come. That makes me smile. I’m keeping that.

For the figurative back cover, however, I need more. A romance novel blurb usually has a paragraph devoted to each of the two main characters. So it would be outlined like this:

Paragraph One:

Heroine So-n-So is (blah blah) and (blah blah) when (blah blah blah happens.) When she (blahs) and (blahs), she has to (blah.) But (blah blah blah.)

Hero So-n-so is (blah blah blah), but heroine (blah blah) and he (blah blah.) Will he be able to (blah) or will (blah blah blah)?

Only (blah) will (blah.)

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

Blah. I’ll post my efforts as soon as I squeeze out one that isn’t to embarrassing.

Northern California Spring vs. Writing Cave

oh my!

So, I’m writing, I’m writing. I’m revising, I’m revising. I’m pulling my hair out, deleting, writing some more, eating sugar free Werther’s by the bagful, sucking down pots of Peet’s tea, and neglecting my children.

But I still found a little time to go for a walk in the heaven that is Northern California in spring. And every morning I want to slam down my laptop screen and run back outside. What’s one more romance novel, anyway? Will the world come to an end if I don’t give fictional Mark and Rose their happy ending? We’re only on this planet once (apparently) and we have to carpe the (real life) diem.

You don’t even have to be gazing upon the cliffs of a dramatic landscape. Just look closely at the little things, like these faces that smile up at me every morning. They’re like puppies!

morning sunshine!

I’ve got another terabyte of photos I could post, because lately I can’t stop taking pictures, but I’ll stop there for now.

Okay, one more.

Found this in a tide pool. The can’t-be-bothered-to-look-it-up spelling is aneoneomeoneome. I think it’s laughing at me, like the Cheshire Cat.

Oh, yes, I’m not the fastest writer in the world, but there are reasons.

Happy spring, everyone.