Trixie Does Vegas (Oakland Hills Short Story 4)


Just what happened with Trixie and Hugo in Las Vegas? Find out in Trixie Does Vegas (Oakland Hills Short Story #4)!

After the publication of This Changes Everything (Oakland Hills #4), readers wanted to know more about how Trixie and Hugo got together. At first the author wasn’t sure the matchmaking grandmother would want her personal life exposed, given she’s usually the one who likes to pull the strings, but as the story developed, she decided Trixie would want you to know all about her accidental romance. Perhaps it will inspire you to find one of your own. She’d like that.

Note: This is a short story (about 40 pages) best enjoyed as a companion story to This Changes Everything (Oakland Hills #4), but can be read as a standalone or introduction to the rest of the Oakland Hills series.

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