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Sonoma Witches Book 6

It’s the Elwin Flower Show, where witches throw the biggest garden event of the year. One little murder isn’t going to stop it.


Maybe not even two.



Witch Alma Bellrose’s life has finally settled down. After resolving a series of magical mysteries, she’s enjoying a quiet life with her dog and fae boyfriend, Seth.

But nothing ever stays quiet in Silverpool for long.


Right after her boyfriend leaves on a trip, there’s a supernatural attack on her home. When she rescues one friend, she learns of a sudden and suspicious death of another, leaving her reeling — and determined to find the killer.


Soon she’s at the Elwin Flower Show on the northern California coast, pretending to be a contestant in the biggest botanical event in the world — at least for the fanatical witches who participate.


One mystery turns into two, then three. She starts to doubt everyone, even her most trusted colleague. When she digs up a shocking secret, she races to protect the final target’s life.


And her own.


◆ ◆ ◆


Compelling and unputdownable, Hexed in Show has all the complex worldbuilding, rich characterization, and pageturning twists that readers of Gretchen Galway’s Sonoma Witches series have come to expect.

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